Connecting Topdanmark and retailer Coop

Launching online insurance sales through Coop Topdanmark teamed up with the largest retailer of consumer goods in Denmark to launch a new digital insurance brand. Using's expertise, Topdanmark was able to create a fully functioning consumer website for online sales that was completely integrated into their insurance system. provided them with an API with ready-to-use frontend components for features like price calculation and a model for mixing CMS content with rich apps.


Online sales of income protection insurance

Online sales of income protection through e-commerce partners

Topdanmark wanted to distribute income protection digitally through e-commerce partners in order to reduce customer acquisition costs. designed and implemented an online sales frontend to support new affiliate partners and improve their efficiency. Our API platform reduced the time spent integrating to core systems to the absolute minimum Leveraging our UX framework for online insurance sales, we created a customer journey with high online sales conversion.


Connecting to SME insurances for E-commerce sales

Connecting to SME insurances for E-commerce sales A large Nordic Insurer wanted to connect to E-commerce partner for online sale of commercial insurance to small and medium-sized organisations. provided a API-platform solution enabling product integration and real-time price calculations.

Tryg case

Bancassurance: Digital distribution of SME-insurances

A global insurance broker wanted to reduce cost of sales for SME professional liability in a large central-european country. This should be done presenting, calculate and selling insurances in the digital channels frequently visited by the potential customers. The API platform of Penni Connect reduced the time spent integrating to legacy core systems to the absolute minimum, and made it possible for the team to focus on creating the best possible customer journey.

Bancassurance case image