Client Challenge

FDM is the largest interest organization for car owners in Denmark - holding 235.000 households as members. With the numbers of cars per household being above average - this places them having around 15-20% of all privately owned danish cars in their member base.

FDM is investing heavily in digital customer service around add-on services to meet increased customer expectations and increased competition. A digital distribution strategy underserved by the risk-carriers. So to be able to introduce a two-click price calculation directly within their website, FDM decided to implement the Penni Connect Platform.

Our solution

The solution makes it easy to embed great digital customer journey in the digital channels of FDM, by connecting Penni Connect to the Risk Carriers API. Penni Connects white-labeled frontend solutions is providing flexible widgets for every possible use case eg. a simple full-width widget for their central insurance page, and a smaller compact widget for articles.

Furthermore RESTful APIs, are exposed to the partners of FDM, making it very easy to embed insurance into their digital customer journeys. 

Key benefits

The solution enables FDM to add motor insurance directly in their one-stop-shop strategy for their members. The flexible framework of both the embeddable widgets and RESTful APIs, furthermore allows FDM to test out where in the digital flow insurance is best sold - be that direct mail, editorial content, a central insurance page or somewhere else. Without having to introduce IT-projects everytime they want to try something new. 

A small, but very important feature is that FDM over the years have executed a fantastic digital editorial content strategy, making them head of almost every SEO ranking around car topics in Denmark. This makes the compact widget extremely valuable, as it allows FDM to present an insurance offer right when the motivation of the customer to buy one is at the peak for instance in an article about the what coverages they should choose for their motor insurance.

The customer

Company name: FDM

Location: Lyngby, Denmark

Employees: 400

Members: 235.000 households

Avg. member satisfaction: 91/100

Readers of their Motor Magazine: 410.000 readers