Solution for online sales of liability insurance

Client challenge

A global insurance broker wanted to reduce cost of sales for SME professional liability in a large central-european country. This should be done presenting, calculate and selling insurances in the digital channels frequently visited by the potential customers.

Therefore they needed the capabilities to equip their banking and E-commerce partners with their own dedicated digital end-to-end sales channel, dependent on which partner the customer arrived from.

Furthermore the broker needed a customer centric approach, where the customer could recognize themselves in the platform, and identify how to “get the job" done in a fast and easy way.

As this was one of the first digital partner strategies of the broker, they needed a flexible solution with short feedback to give quick organizational learnings.

The solution

The Penni Connect platform is built for this exact challenge. The easy skinning in the CMS makes it possible for our client to expand the amount of distribution partners without introducing new It-development.

The API platform of Penni Connect reduced the time spent integrating to legacy core systems to the absolute minimum, and made it possible for the team to focus on creating the best possible customer journey. For instance the purchase flow is turned upside-down. Instead of asking the customers for which product they need, it matches their profession from the very beginning and throughout the flow.

The first distribution partners on the new broker platform, is of course partners with high frequency of digital contact with the potential customers: The bancs of the SME’s. But being on Penni Connect the amount of E-commerce partners with their own dedicated end-to-end sales funnel is limitless.

Key benefits

The pool of potential customers are increased, and the frequency with which they are presented an offer is increased significantly.

Non-disclosure on the conversion rates

Futhermore the flexible solution of Penni Connect, makes it easy for the broker to make small incremental changes to the frontends and get a lot of learnings on selling insurance online.

The client

Company name: Non-disclosed

Location: Central-europe

Employees: above 3.000