For digital businesses

Everything you need for digital insurance cross-selling in your sales channels

For insurers & brokers

Everything you need to power up your core systems for digital insurance distribution

What is it?

Rating Engine

Rating Engine that allows insurers to implement online price calculation in less than 2 hours. The Rating Engine technology automatically generates a ready-to-use API for price calculation.

Carrier Connect

A framework for integrating with core insurance systems – both legacy systems and modern policy administration systems. Carrier Connect can online-enable products in core systems in just 2 days.

E-commerce API’s

Rest API’s enable distribution partners to cross-sell insurance products online in their own sales channels. Seamless integration with any web-portal, mobile app or CMS-solution comes out of the box.

Product Management

Manage product information for online sales. Enable content marketers to edit online and publish changes in real time.

Sales Analytics

Provides tracking of online sales conversions and continuous reporting on customer acquisition costs. Support campaign management as well as tracking of campaign efficiency and ability to run re-marketing campaigns.

Security Layer

Penni Connect employs a security model that provides a vital layer of protection to make sure your core systems are ready to go online.

Built for developers

      const response = await fetch("", {
        method: "POST",
        body: JSON.stringify({
          product: {
            excess: {code: "500", text: "€500"},
            extraCoverages: [],
            name: "motor",
            productChoices: {
              mileage: {code: "11000", text: "11.000 km"},
              carOwnerForYears: {code: "3", text: "3 years"},
              claimCount: {code: "0", text: "0 claims"},
              car: {
                modelVariantId: "41971995",
                vendorName: "Ford",
                modelName: "Fiesta",
                variant: "1,3 i Supreme 58HP 5d",
                firstRegistration: "1995-12-06",
                regNo: "YJ40006"

      const response = {
        bundles: [
          id: "3491",
          premium: {total: 4581.099554615495, periodised: 381.75829621795793},
          optionalCoverages: []
          id: "3492",
          premium: {total: 4266.315800139919, periodised: 355.52631667832657},
          optionalCoverages: []
          id: "3493",
          premium: {total: 5751.873814344412, periodised: 479.3228178620343},
          optionalCoverages: []

Price calculation for car insurance. It's that simple.

Why Penni Connect?

  • Increases speed of developing rich insurance apps
  • Improves quality of insurance apps
  • Reduces complexity in developing frontends
  • Lowers maintenance costs due to separation of concerns
  • Makes frontend development much more joyful
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