An API that powers up your core insurance system

Everything you need to create great online experiences for your customers

Build insurance apps faster and better

Core insurance systems are not built to serve consumers online that expect a great customer journey. The Insurance API powers up your core insurance systems. The Insurance API takes care of integration between core insurance systems and frontends, which increases the speed of developing apps significantly.

What is it?

Create insurance apps fast

We have done a lot of frontend work for you already. That means that you can get started building your insurance app from day 1. Instead of working through a troublesome integration project before you can get started.

Built for frontend developers

We have built something that works great for frontend developers. With the Insurance API frontend developers do not have to be insurance experts in order to create insurance apps. They are using a simple and intuitive API.

Minimises integration effort

The Insurance API is responsible for the technical integration to core insurance system. It handles the complex integration in connecting to all the processes of the core insurance system.

Secure and reliable insurance apps

Building online apps today requires your systems to be bullet-proof if you are to avoid breaches. The Insurance API i built for online use. It is security-tested and designed to be scalable.

Built for developers

    const response = await fetch("", {
      method: "POST",
      body: JSON.stringify({
        product: {
          excess: {code: "3500", text: "3.500 kr."},
          extraCoverages: [],
          name: "motor",
          productChoices: {
            mileage: {code: "11000", text: "11.000 km"},
            carOwnerForYears: {code: "3", text: "3 År"},
            claimCount: {code: "0", text: "0 Skader"},
            car: {
              modelVariantId: "41971995",
              vendorName: "Ford",
              modelName: "Fiesta",
              variant: "1,3 i Supreme 58HK 5d",
              firstRegistration: "1995-12-06",
              regNo: "YJ40006"

    const response = {
      bundles: [
        id: "3491",
        premium: {total: 4581.099554615495, periodised: 381.75829621795793},
        optionalCoverages: []
        id: "3492",
        premium: {total: 4266.315800139919, periodised: 355.52631667832657},
        optionalCoverages: []
        id: "3493",
        premium: {total: 5751.873814344412, periodised: 479.3228178620343},
        optionalCoverages: []

Price calculation for car insurance. It's that simple. Read more on GitBook.

Why Insurance API?

  • Increases speed of developing rich insurance apps
  • Improves quality of insurance apps
  • Reduces complexity in developing frontends
  • Lowers maintenance costs due to separation of concerns
  • Makes frontend development much more joyful
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