Powerful online insurance platform

Connect products for digital distributions

Our platform delivers the fundamental infrastructure, functionality and endpoints for digital distribution at scale

No-code customer journeys

Through our customer portal you can release new widgets, change themes and edit content and media without writing a single line of code - all with the purpose of enabling and optimizing online sales.

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Security layers ISAE 3402 Compliance

All our business decisions are based on the ISAE 3402 framework and license to ensure the security of our clients' data, from the software we use and develop to the monitoring and evaluation.

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Cloud Platform with best-of-breed services

Our existing set of integrated services enables content management, collection and process of data and split-testing at scale, and can be easily extended according to customer needs.

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We provide better value

There are many benefits to working with Penni.io for your next online sales solution. We simply provide value that lasts not only for insurance providers and distribution partners, but in the end, for the policyholders as well.
Powerful Online Insurance Platform

Online customer journeys for insurance products

Distribute insurance products in any online channel with embeddable customer journeys — optimised for conversion using behavioural analytics.
Our customers of Online Insurance Distribution
We are helping many insurers, brokers and distribution partners in different countries establish and scale great customer journeys for online sales. So you don’t have to worry, you'll be in safe hands.