Penni Connect enables the digital cross-selling of insurance

We assist our clients on the full digital distribution journey. From the initial strategy and prototype stage to developing a unique digital solution and launching it to customers. We work with an agile methodology that focuses on open collaboration and fast progress. We offer an elaborate design & UX framework for optimising online insurance sales.

Penni Connect

A technology platform built for digital insurance distribution. The legacy integration framework ensures fast speed to market in launching new insurance distribution channels. Penni Connect provides agility and flexibility via APIs so you can respond quickly to your customers’ needs. We know that core insurance systems are a key challenge when transitioning to digital sales. Penni Connect solves that challenge.

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Rating Engine

Often we see insurers struggling to provide online price calculation. And it’s bad for business. Penni Connect provides a Rating Engine that allows insurers to implement online price calculation in less than 2 hours. That’s not everything. The Rating Engine technology automatically generates a ready-to-use API for price calculation.

Carrier Connect

Penni Connect offers a framework for integrating with core insurance systems – both legacy systems and modern policy administration systems. Carrier Connect can online-enable products in core systems within 2 days. It employs a security-by-design model on top of your backend systems that adds a vital security layers to make your core systems ready to go online.

E-commerce API's

Penni Connect can support any online sales channel. Rest API’s enable distribution partners to cross-sell insurance products online in an instant. Seamless integration with any web-portal, mobile app or CMS-solution comes out of the box. E-commerce API provides integration to third party payment providers.